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Lose yourself in the second book in the Valentina trilogy now published by Headline. Follow Valentina on the next part of her erotic adventures in her search for true love, and liberation. Set in London and Paris in 2012 and 1948 Valentina on the Edge tells the twin stories of Valentina and her estranged lover Theo – is it possible she can rekindle their passion or has she lost him forever? – and Maria, a young dancer in post war Europe, who finds that love induces her to behave in ways she never thought possible. As Valentina uncovers Maria’s story, and its ties to her own, she begins to question how much one should change for love. Is she brave enough to risk her heart and step over the edge?

Named as one of The Independent’s Top 50 Best Winter Reads in 2012 Valentina is ‘both a love story and a romance raunchy enough to keep you warm at night’ (Janine Cook ebooks promotions manager at Waterstones,

Valentina on the Edge takes the reader even further in exploring deeper, darker fantasies and in uncovering that the ultimate eroticism is in fact the eroticism of love.